Meet the Team

Declan Branagan – Chairman & Founder

Meet Declan Branagan, the visionary Chairman and Founder, and seasoned entrepreneur. His journey began as a one-person operation in Legal Software and Managed IT Services, starting from his garage. As the business burgeoned, Declan expanded, hired staff, and inaugurated the first Dublin office. Today, under his leadership, we stand as a trusted Microsoft Partner and more. In 2022, recognizing the evolving needs of clients, Declan remodelled the ZBG group to include Zettajobs, a specialist recruitment agency. His strategic foresight and commitment continue to shape our trajectory, ensuring innovative solutions and client-focused services across various business domains.

Shane Branagan – Co Founder

Meet Shane Branagan, the Co-Founder of Zettajobs, driven by a passion for leveraging technology to revolutionize the legal industry. With extensive experience in both legal and technology sectors, Shane brings a unique and insightful perspective to his role. His commitment extends beyond recruitment – Shane is dedicated to developing innovative software solutions that empower legal professionals. Simultaneously, his wealth of experience and extensive network within the legal industry positions him as a valuable connector and influencer. Shane Branagan is at the forefront of bridging the gap between legal expertise and technological advancements, shaping the future of legal services.

Jeremy Seligman – CEO

Meet Jeremy Seligman, the dedicated CEO with an unwavering client focus and a unique talent for building and sustaining strong collaborative business relationships. Over 30+ years, Jeremy has garnered respect from clients across various organizations, demonstrating his commitment and expertise. A highly driven and excellent team player, he thrives in high-pressure environments, leveraging a proven track record in the IT industry, particularly providing services to SMEs in Ireland. Jeremy’s extensive knowledge of his clients positions him as an empowered leader, adept at assembling the right team players to drive success and innovation within the dynamic IT landscape.

David Yellop – Director / Co Founder

Meet David Yellop, a distinguished Director and Co-Founder, renowned International Recruitment Professional, and Manager. With a robust background in sales and business development, David brings a wealth of experience in IT, Legal, and Finance sectors. As a skilled executive search consultant, team leader, and project coordinator, he has successfully navigated EMEA, MENA, and APAC landscapes. David is not only an adept Management Consultant and HR Advisor but also a facilitator of Recruitment Training. His strategic vision and global expertise make him a pivotal force in delivering tailored recruitment solutions and driving organizational success on a global scale.

Jo Cifaldi – Delivery Consultant

Meet Jo Cifaldi, a seasoned Recruitment Specialist with over 15 years of expertise shaping diverse workforces. With a rich background spanning medical, retail, and warehouse/logistics sectors, she is a trusted partner in talent acquisition. Jo excels in identifying top-tier candidates, forging meaningful connections, and optimizing recruitment processes. Her deep industry knowledge ensures precision in matching skilled professionals with the unique demands of each sector. A stalwart in the recruitment landscape, Jo brings a wealth of experience to navigate the intricacies of staffing in dynamic and specialized fields, fostering growth and success.

Rachael Kelly – Delivery Consultant

Meet Rachael Kelly, a seasoned professional with a stellar background in sales and event management. As an experienced talent scout, she combines remarkable creativity with high delivery standards in sourcing candidates. With a proven track record, Rachael excels in connecting top-tier talent with dynamic opportunities, elevating workforce capabilities and ensuring optimal success. Her expertise spans diverse industries, making her a trusted partner in talent acquisition. Rachael’s commitment to precision and her innovative approach make her a standout figure in the recruitment landscape, driving growth and success in dynamic and specialized fields.

Paul Somers – Marketing & Business Development

Meet Paul Somers, a dynamic Marketing and Business Development Manager in the field of recruitment. With a proven track record, Paul strategically merges IT innovation with recruitment marketing, catalyzing growth and talent acquisition. He adeptly navigates the intersection of technology and human capital, driving impactful strategies to attract top-tier IT professionals. An influential leader, Paul excels in building client relationships, elevating brand presence, and optimizing recruitment processes. With a keen awareness of IT trends, he is dedicated to shaping the future of recruitment through tech-driven marketing and business development initiatives, positioning organizations for success in the ever-evolving landscape.