Location Dublin


Work with an experienced team of creative legal problem-solvers, based in London, Belfast, Frankfurt and Addis Ababa. We specialise in Business/Commercial Law, Immigration, Criminal Defence, Extradition, Personal Injury, Aviation and Public Law. After starting out in a small office in London in 2002, this firm has gone from strength to strength and now work on a global scale.

Job Description

Job Overview: The Solicitor will be responsible for dealing with delegated work within their own areas of competence and achieving performance targets as set by the practice. The Solicitor will provide expert legal support and advice to clients; be responsible for offering support to the Head of Department and/or the CEO; be responsible for dealing their own caseload and dealing with clients. Furthermore, the Solicitor will be expected to train and mentor more junior staff members and positively promote quality of service to clients, raising the quality level and creating new business for the Practice whenever possible Purpose/Main Objectives: To support all Practice decisions, carrying out any actions required. To provide any support required by Head of Departments. To act on behalf of Head of Departments as required. To be alert when acting for clients of other legal services they may require and to refer clients to other departments within the firm when it is appropriate.


We will be looking for more Solicitors for Dublin office in Ireland. Please check back frequently. WE are a subsidiary of ZettaBytes and expd8it. If you require to hire staff for your office, please look at our Recruitment Consultant details.

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